About the project:

Youth e-collaboration in HIV/AIDS prevention project aims to develop an innovative set of multimedia online games covering the topic of HIV/AIDS prevention, suitable for youth workers and youth trainers. The partnership includes 7 partners from 3 EU countries (Bulgaria, Slovenia and Latvia) and 2 African – Sierra Leone and Uganda. The project focuses on elaboration of new methods for training of young people in order to raise their awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention, as well as increase their participation in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). Last but not least, it proposes collaborative e-game methods for working with the young people and promotes the cooperation between EU and African youth organizations.

Project objectives:

- Development of a new set of online multimedia games exploring the topics of HIV/AIDS prevention suitable for non-formal training of young people;

- Development of newmethods of training (via collaborative online games) that could be used by the youth trainers and youth workers;

- Promotion of cooperation between European and African youth organizations and youth centers working in the sphere of non-formal youth training;

- Strengthening European-African dialogue in the youth field and acquainting African youth organizations with the methods and principle of the “Youth in Action” programme;

- Raising youth awareness on the HIV/AIDS spreading among youngsters via the use of new media;

- Training youth workers, youth trainers and youth leaders via engaging them in training activities (training course, contact seminar, online course) and via developing

Target group:

- Youth workers and youth trainers from youth organizations or working in youth centers and interested in using online games in non-formal youth education;

- Youth leaders willing to initiate and organize youth exchanges or youth training courses using modern media;

- Young people interested in training games and topics related to HIV/AIDS prevention;

- Young people from disadvantaged geographical regions in Africa (Sierra Leone, Uganda) and youth with health problems;

Main project results:

- HIV/AIDS game-based resource platform and an online training course for youth workers and trainers;

- 2 interactive e-games on the topic of HIV/AIDS and online training for youth workers;

- A Training course (in Sierra Leone) and a Contact making seminar (in Bulgaria);

- Manual “HIV/AIDS platform and collaborative gaming in youth work”;

- CD-ROM with offline version of the collaborative training games on topics of HIV/AIDS prevention;